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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Book Trailer

The Sheepish Pirate's first book trailer.  Special thanks to all the amazing voice actors, editor/director and the character drawing artist to help with making this amazing video.  I hope you all enjoy!
Character drawings by Andrea Genteman.

Voice talents:

Jay Stephenson

Chey Jezreel

Daniel Pierce - http://www.danielpiercevoiceartist.com/

Ace Marrero - http://www.acemarrero.com/

Erin Stegeman - http://www.erinstegeman.com/

Trailer edited and animated by Richard Diaz - http://richarddiaz.com/

Monday, July 15, 2013

Caliban & Bubbles

Here we have the two aquatic pirates for the Carnivorous Coral.  Caliban is the steadfast no nonsense navigator, always at the helm stirring the Coral into battle.  His wits are as keen as his sight, which is always on the horizon anticipating trouble.  Bubbles on the other hand is less than sharp, hence the hook for a fin.  He is easily fooled and turned around, but a bruteforce to be reckoned with.  When Bubbles gets you in his sights be prepared for the swim of your life, which is actually very seldom due to his hammerhead shape.  No one is 100% certain if he has perfect or terrible peripheral vision.