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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lampito, the Fair Isle Sage


Lampito Arbuckle is Argyles mother and resident sage on the Fair Isle. As the sage, Lampito has a vast knowledge of the history of the sea and that of antiquity as well as her own selections of home brew remedies past down for generations. The Grey Gulls takes a side trip to the Fair Isle to gain some insight on their journey and pick up a few supplies. However, unbeknownst to Argyle, his mother has other plans. She doesn’t want to sit by and wait for her son to come back with her other missing son, but join the adventure herself. Like any respectable pirate Argyle is very much against this idea, but finds that not really up to him to declare on where his mother can and cannot go. Even though it’s against his wishes Lampito joins the journey and proves herself useful. If you can’t find her in the galley invading the doctor’s space, she is either in the captain’s quarts going over ancient maps or knitting on the main deck, supervising the crew.

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