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Monday, December 3, 2012

Admiral Mittens

Admiral Horatio Mittens, commander of S.S. Albatrosses in British Royal Navy, has a history with Argyle.  They both went to the naval academy together, though I wouldn’t use the word friend to describe their relationship, but more along the line of nemesis.  Where Argyle thrived in being a natural on the water, Mittens lacked nautical knowledge and was better suited for military protocol than going to sea.  Even though the Admiral may lack skills in leadership and in everything else that had to do with seafaring, his ego surpasses his size and has an attitude to match.  It is no wonder that the Admiral and Argyle do not get along when their paths cross.  In fact, Admiral Mittens relishes in the thought of gloating to Argyle every chance he gets about his title in the Royal Navy and the behemoth of a ship he commands.  It takes all of Argyle’s strength not to pummel Mittens when he brings up Argyle’s questionable past and the last choices he made as a commander in the Navy.

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