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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lilliana DeTao

Lilliana DeTao is a wealthy Italian merchant and the captain of the ship Polaris, which she inherited from her father who was a very savvy business ram.  Lillian and Argyle had a romantic past while he was still in the Royal Navy and haven’t seen each other since.  That is, until one day they cross paths in Port Portimao, Portugal.  The reunion is met with mixed emotions from both, which leads the two running after each other and then away from each other.  She is a very strong, vibrant, well-traveled and intelligent sheep who is a stunning beauty, which is probably why Argyle and Lilliana didn’t last; they both had to be the center of attention.  Even though their relationship didn’t work and often get annoyed with each one another’s company, they trust each other and make strong allies when they are in the thick of battle.

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