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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Commander Marcus

Commander Marcus, the Great Pyrenees, is in second of command of the S.S. Albatrosses.  Marcus is a strait laced kind of military man and plays everything by the book.  Though he is extremely loyal to his command, country and crown, he defiantly does what’s right and has a big heart.  Marcus is the one that everyone wants as a leader and some even believe has more nautical and military sense then Mittens and should be the chief leader of the S.S. Albatrosses.  The Commander and Argyle have a wonderful past of attending the academy together and lifelong best friends. Even though Argyle is a renegade pirate now, he knows that he can truly depend on Marcus to help him in his time of need, but that friendship also comes with the cost that Argyle must also help Marcus out when he needs it as well.

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