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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Romney Borderlester

Romney Borderlester is the hero of the story The Sheepish Pirate.  Even though Romney is the hero, his life is miserable. On a daily bases he is bullied by his classmates for being super smart and different.  The consistent persecution has left Romney friendless and too shy to speak.  However, even though he is sheepish, he is a dreamer and he dreams big.  The young 11 year old lamb has ambition of going to sea and being a captain of his own ship, but he is always brought back to reality by his own logic of thinking within the box.  Though one day, with his one act of defiance he , and his little sister Babette, go against his logical thinking and get swept up on an adventure that will change their lives forever…and heard Romney in growing up into everything that he has ever dreamed to be. 

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