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"There is nothing better than being on the water." Captain Argyle Arbuckle

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Argyle, The Sheepish Pirate

             Argyle, the Sheepish Pirate, captain of his ship the Grey Gulls.  Argyle is a Scottish Ram whose family hails from the Fair Isles and who was once a commander in the British Royal Navy.  The ram went A.W.O.L. after a fierce sea battle in the Mediterranean where he lost his twin brother, Commander Alastair Arbuckle.  Argyle, now turned pirate, has spent the last five years looking for his brother, collecting a crew of outlaws, ruffian rouge fighters and misfits to join him on his journey.  Even though the captain is often persecuted and laughed at by all who believe his brother dead, Argyle keeps his eyes on the horizon and searching through out all the seven seas, trying to find any clue to help him find his missing brother.

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